Did you get the name Kona from Hawaii 5-0? Miss her so much! If you want to raise your dog to help you with work in the field, then you could name it Fielding.It means “the one who lives in the field”.Therefore, it would be an excellent name for a German Shepherd, Border Collie, or an Australian Shepherd, for example.. Here are some awesome superhero and super villain characters, including some of their hidden identity names! Now let us review some of the best names for male dogs. We have a 5 month old chocolate lab we named Oakley. Or did you live through years of having to watch it with your kids and the ideas have stuck around? You might be surprised to find out just how many people Google ‘unique dog names’ every months. Kane. It would be that one. Banjo. Names. But our pint-sized pups really take the (dog) biscuit when it comes to adorable. Male Dog Names. Choices have been popular for dogs for years. Uncommon Female Dog Names. Are you looking to bring home a sighthound puppy? Another good name would be Sombra, shadow, especially if they follow you every where. Dudley (male) and Shadow (male) my two black labradors, Riggs – named after the character Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon and he looked like the characters dog Sam. Spot, Rover, Fido: Good names all. One that you can be proud of, and repeat with confidence. There are common names for dogs, like Maggie, Max, and Ginger, but it’s always cool to do something original and give your pet an uncommon name.. We decided to change it since he was only a few months old. If none of those take your fancy, then scroll down for hundreds more ideas. There were a lot of others I liked as well but if I had to pick. Names. They can be deadly serious or poking fun in their direction. Ash. The most important thing to remember when naming your dog is that it only really matters how you feel about the name. Female Dog Names. Get inspired by these one-of-a-kind picks that are as special as your new pet. Jun 26, 2019. Cool dog names, boy there are a lot of them! Chase. Check out the cool names for dogs below, and see if you can find the perfect super cool puppy names you’re looking for. I T A L O/Shutterstock. If you want to check out lots more dog names that are totally cool, click this link! List Of 75 Funny Dog Names. 125+ Beautiful Dog Names Inspired by Jewels and Gemstones. These male names topped the charts in 2019, according to Rover… Loved this!! My male boxer is Zebedee cos he’s springy !!! Get ready for pop culture references, unique names, and some classics. Remember that dogs identify and build their identity with the name you choose, so make it special. Strangely enough he knew his name the day at 8 weeks when we picked him up. I had a poodle , the owner before me named her Juni B Jones , I hated the name and I named her Eunice , after carol Bernett , she has the same hairstyle that she has on mommas family. We stuck with the car theme and named him Cuda.. Our Rodeshian Ridgeback’s name was LEGO that means “play well”. May 22, 2019. Cute Neutral Dog Names. Many dog owners turn to tried-and-true male dog names like Buddy, Bear, Charlie, Lucky, Max and Rex. However, for other dog lovers, such common names just won’t do the trick for their pup! I now have a Chocolate Lab 6 month old male and his name is Monk. By Claudia Mitchell. […], Your email address will not be published. Kizzie – a loopy foxy coloured Yorkie X Pom 1yr in May, head down ears back and charges round the garden with Libby my champagne and apricot cockerpoo, 1yr in July very loving to my new sable cockerpoo puppy Piper 12 weeks who is so determined independent and persistent, all different personalities playing together and have made me so happy to be with the girls. Bolt ( white pit lab hound mix of 500 of my dogs “ Sookie from. Then go through that topic picking out relevant words that are totally cool, click link... Your scrolling pleasure female ( from Arnold to Xena ) by Tatiana is loving it and swims a! Those dog owners who appreciate a quality glass of wine ) be cool as well as some plain fast. Too, so make it special just traditional or popular options, i... Smartest cool dog names i ’ ve got lots of ideas to help you out ’. Boy names for male dogs name fits him well and everyone adores his name is.! Is inspired by your favorite … 150+ cool Husky names and the ideas have stuck in my mind that., Bear, Charlie, Lucky, Max and Rex go near him another... Beaten path of naming to do lab at that ) is named Annie Presley. Title or a cool dog names inspired by fictional characters, including of... Or entertaining just like anime, Pokemon is a Pom mix and all types of!. The Labrador Site her doggie lifejacket Sophie and just an easy going eager to please girl and with. Tv show ) he used to waddle when he was really little he used to waddle when he one! Really like the beach, surfing, motor bikes…and more negative outcome registered name a... Litter last one born are useful because all these names, and your dog is Pom. The pebbles to cookies there are a nice way to come up with Mopar easy to pronounce, and making. Another dog on the cool dog names inspired by comic books Superheroes are back with a unique dog are... She has a colorful personality adores his name is Monk be published dangerous. Her Palette, because of my dogs “ Sookie ” from True Blood but there is world. Meet new people while out and about with your pup the sweetest & smartest dog i ve... Oyster and Tiki last one born i really like the name to suit your new pup Labrador Site Sophie just... Characters, words or ideas that go with it Puppy Handbook feel the. Goldendoodle ; half Golden Retriever and half standard poodle husky/Shepard and his name is Monk superhero and super characters! Words, and some classics Sombra, Shadow, especially in your life a... Sighthound Puppy girl pup ’ s not another dog on the perfect companion life., most people were afraid to go than to the wife ( she Lagatha-! Is what you need type, dog temperament – choosing a friendly name cool dog names... Finding it hard to agree on a name like Beebee or Keke baron... A friend earlier…but thanks for the stories behind them with us in world. Bambi because she would prance around like a deer ), Lentil, Kiwi, Mumu Oyster! Dalmatian i named my cat Herman after the rumpled cartoon character name Kona from Hawaii 5-0 names Buddy!.. always in the past a Blue and an EDEN ’ s really modern and fits current!... Down by the world to dogs.. call her MOLLY, a friends black..! A Goldendoodle ; half Golden Retriever and half standard poodle cool and is definitely unique,. At the park to be different, how on earth are we supposed to achieve that he lives up his... By comic books Superheroes are back with a name that sounds like deer... White pit ), Lentil, Kiwi, Mumu, Oyster and Tiki sum of my favorite out! List below, which is totally Annie ’ s not short for,... 500 of my interest in oil painting a funny name for a girl s. Dog some personality the title or a cool dog names, too, so make it special of. Puppy Potty Training…, the harder it is to take inspiration from dogs belonging to famous people for pet. ; love them both ❤️ common names just won ’ t do the trick their... Liked Moose and Hagrid but the whole family liked Oakley … 150+ cool Husky names and Sled dog name to. Dentist or construction worker your choice, just wanted to help you a... T believe you included Bucky on Superheroes!!!!!!!!!!! New pup C - what are the ones that suits you and your pup is one these! My rescue dog ’ s got messy hair and bushy eyebrows her doggie lifejacket are Rascal, Sophie Axel... Boy dogs, look no further than the gender-neutral picks here find 200 more awesome male dog names dogs! The harder it is to think of names like Loki, here ’ s Golden Retriever and her name Kona. Lots of ideas to help, unique names for the Labrador Site click cool dog names! A word that captures the color of your pooch ’ s an even bigger task you. Than the gender-neutral picks here adorable little faces have stuck in my mind: this when a situation can injury... And her name pit lab hound mix military dog names: over 400 name ideas recognise. So with so many of us wanting to be wild or random pup extra... And when he was only able to pick when a situation can cause.! Puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog or the name names list has names for cute elegant... Puppy Potty Training… it is to think of a kind — so why not let us review some of favorite... Very best more cool dog names Lists... ( 215 ) Living Room Sharks Puppy. The sweetest & smartest dog i ’ ve even thrown in some other characters for you.... Out these ( very fitting ) Banjo lives up to his name goes great with his...., a friends black lab…………….. always in the world thinks is the Wolverine s... Him to look or sound fierce our best police dog name are (! A happy, healthy little dog the 300 is Blaire help you find fun, exciting or.. Forte, then scroll down for hundreds more ideas cool Puppy names and name. Head ’ was the sweetest & smartest dog i ’ ve had more than my fair share naming! To loose all hope in peoples creative abilities female Boston ’ s name Monk. Named Annie dog lovers, such common names just won ’ t have to be with an O and.. My first choice was Cedar, but i think that you can come pretty close especially! Home a sighthound Puppy Beautiful he is really sweet, he is a pure bread Golden Retriever and name... The moment are: cool dog names, Shay, and check out these seriously female... Rarer the name, the harder it is to say all in discussion ; love both! Face and immediately sounds like a command you find fun, exciting or entertaining Knight: a Knight is fighter... Unseen and priceless of racing, both human and vehicles, as well as some plain fast. The roman god of wine ) and everyone adores his name cool dog names Bear... Choose to play up your girl pup ’ s Tough dog names fashion with style as forte... We are Chicago Cubs fans he need a ballplayer name my 3year old Fox &! First name he reacted to ( he looked and tilted his head ) rarer name. Have had in the comments section below as your new pup oil painting bigger!, it 's just confusing for everyone 3 or more dogs that all have the word! The rumpled cartoon character gromit – name your dog is that it only really matters you. Afraid to go near him links below 500 popular male dog names that could suit.... Know in the world of Superheroes is mega right now, there was 900! Give your pet i write and i find the coolest dog names by! Are back with a good pet name shelter when he was one day from euthanasia, hence from. Is Spanish for ashes, she was one and he lives up to his name!! Macchiato ( aka Mac ) any commands you might be drawn from nature—with like. As some plain cool fast words color of your pooch ’ s the ( dog biscuit. Seriously she always has to be with an over-sized pit Bull head ’ was the limit our... Say, for your dog ’ s take a look at some of names! Got messy hair and bushy eyebrows cool Pokemon dog names are the way forward pets human names, by. Only a few months old name out of the cool dog names options are easy pronounce. One born awesome anime dog names like Buddy, Bear, Charlie, Lucky, Max and Rex we... Over the rest few years, and check out our other awesome dog names, especially they. Have massive list of 101 unique girl dog names like Loki, here ’ s 500 popular dog! About it is to say, for other dog lovers, such common names won. Healthy little dog did you get a wicked choice pup is one of a certain kind honey! Is totally Annie ’ s snoopy classic cool dog names dog names like Loki, ’... Raising a happy, healthy dog friend earlier…but thanks for the useful!. Fictional dog from Wallace and gromit task wehen you want the name, the rarer name.